This development log (devlog) includes work done since the last devlog.

Nokee Universal Model (UM)

Since the last update, we finally removed an older implementation of the UM. We moved the language source set entities under the binary hierarchy. We introduce the UM implementation of the static library, executable and bundle binaries. Unfortunately, we didn’t migrate from the previous implementation due to missing modelling around exported headers and legacy source set implementation usage. We also optimized the tag component (no-data component) as we plan to move away from projection as a first-class concept in the UM.

Performance Regression

One of the blockers for the next Nokee version is a performance regression that we accepted when moving forward with the Universal Model (UM) migration. The UM allow a clean migration from Software Model to Nokee plugins in gradle/native-platform. We initially brought the regression down to about 1800ms which we then cut in half (to 900ms) with some internal optimization. To eliminate the regression, we will focus on discovery avoidance in the UM.


We are slowly ramping up a documentation effort to prepare for the next Nokee version. You can follow the work using this GitHub query.