On February 3rd, JFrog announced the sunset of Bintray and JCenter services. This news is particularly devastating as we depended on those services to release our hard work to you, our fantastic users. We are committed to offering our plugins and libraries without interruption, which is why solving this issue became our top priority.

We maintain two major artifact groups:

  • dev.nokee: a suite of Gradle plugins for painless native development

  • dev.gradleplugins: a suite of Gradle plugins and libraries for accelerated Gradle plugin development.

Moving forward, we will host the artifacts for both groups on our servers. Unfortunately, we won’t release the subsequent versions simultaneously into the central plugin portal until the Gradle team provide more guidance to the plugin development community. See the repositories landing page for more information on how to configure your Gradle build.

The following is a rundown of the replacement URLs for our Bintray repositories:

  • https://repo.nokee.dev/release contains the artifacts from the following Bintray repositories:

    • hxxps://dl.bintray.com/nokeedev/distributions

    • hxxps://dl.bintray.com/nokeedev/distributions-initialization

    • hxxps://dl.bintray.com/gradle-plugins/distributions

  • https://repo.nokee.dev/snapshot contains the artifacts from the following Bintray repository:

    • hxxps://dl.bintray.com/nokeedev/distributions-snapshots

In general, the migration process is as simple as updating the repositories to their new locations. However, some of our plugins have internal dependencies to Bintray, e.g. they configure repositories for the projects. We recommend updating the following plugins to the minimum specified version:

There are still more than two months before the service is wholly decommissioned; however, we urge our users to take the time now and proceed with a migration to the new repository locations. All new versions of our plugins and libraries will be released only in our repositories. If you have any questions regarding this migration, please sends us an email to [email protected].

We are working on deeper integration with Gradle removing your need to manage those repositories manually. Stay tuned.