While I’m putting the final touch to the next release packed with impressive features, let’s take a quick break to welcome our happy leaf bird.

It’s no surprise that graphic design isn’t my strong point. The first logo, if we can even call it that, was simply the GitHub identicon automatically generated when I created the organization. It was a placeholder until I find a worthy replacement. All this time, it was painful to see how horrible my initial design work was.

I finally decided to reach out to Jason Thompson, an awesome designer and a good friend, to help me out on finding the perfect logo for Nokee. It didn’t take long before we narrowed down to this lovely leaf-like bird. It gives an excellent narrative to the project, but most importantly, a great emotion.

Stay tuned for the next release. If you can’t wait and want to spoil the surprise, head over to the nightly documentation to learn more about the next release.